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  • Rent a Ferrari F12 in Dubai Picture
  • Rent a Ferrari F12 in Dubai Picture
  • Rent a Ferrari F12 in Dubai Picture
  • Rent a Ferrari F12 in Dubai Picture
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Up until the LaFerrari came along, the Ferrari F12 was the manufacturer’s fastest ever road car – do you need a more convincing reason to rent a Ferrari F12 in Dubai? Faster than a 599 GTO, faster than an Enzo. Does that help put it into context? It is ridiculously fast – and not only in a straight line, either.

It shoots around the Fiorano test track faster than either of the brand’s two past-masters as well. Ferrari one again revealed with this car, that too much is never too much! Again, we ask you – do you need any more reasons to rent a Ferrari F12 in Dubai?

We struggle to think of any other car that seems to blend so effortlessly the characteristics of a luxury cruiser and a caged beast! The great thing is, from behind the wheel, the F12 is approachable, friendly and easy to drive. It even looks elegant and, although beautiful, relatively understated with it. Underneath the surface however it’s much more of an animal…

Putting your foot down in an F12 is an unfamiliar experience and frankly, nothing can prepare you for it. It is so violently fast that once you have recovered your senses you will find yourself questioning the rules of physics, as the evidence the F12 has just presented you with, appears to smash them all to pieces!

Here is what renowned motoring magazine, Top Gear, thinks of the vehicle.

Inevitably, the F12 will always be compared to the Lamborghini Aventador. If the Italian rival is of interest to you, we have a selection of other models available such as the CoupeRoadster, Aero Pack and Super Veloce.

Year – 2015 & 2016

Configuration: Front-engine, rear-wheel-drive, 2-passenger, 2-door coupe

Engine: 6.3L V12

Transmission: 7-speed, dual clutch, automated semi-automatic

Power: 730 BHP – 509 lb-ft of torque

Acceleration: 0-100 km/h (0-60 mph) 2.9 sec

Top speed: 340.05439 km/h (211.3 mph limited)

Daily rental – 3750AED (AUD/USD/EUR/GBP) – Subject to 5% VAT

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Car Equipment

  • + Air conditioning
  • + Alloy wheels
  • + Cruise control
  • + Leather interior
  • + Parking sensors
  • + Xenon

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