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  • Rent a Ferrari 488 in Dubai Picture
  • Rent a Ferrari 488 in Dubai Picture
  • Rent a Ferrari 488 in Dubai Picture
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Are you looking to Rent a Ferrari 488 in Dubai?

Another masterpiece. The Spider is the slightly less serious younger brother to the GTB, carrying a little extra weight thanks to the architectural bracing needed to take away the monocoque structure’s roof… and more clearly meant for what even Ferrari themselves describe as ‘hedonists’!

But don’t fear, the chassis is so stiff, you will not feel the Spider lacking dynamically compared to the hard top at any time. Neither will the 661BHP allow you to ever take note of the extra weight on board. In these respects, the 488 Spider is a shockingly good achievement, so good in fact that PureDrive Directors Matt and Theo swap between the Spider and GTB on an almost daily basis and even they can’t feel the difference!

The GTB, you’ll hardly need reminding, was one of last year’s high points in the automotive industry: a five-star car in most journalists eyes, the winner of almost every handling test – and incontrovertible proof that the limitations of turbocharging were not going to prevent Ferrari from turning out yet another mid-engined masterpiece – if thats not reason enough to Rent a Ferrari 488 in Dubai, we don’t know what is!

Realistically, with the allure of a stiff breeze and a better view of the sunset assured, the Spider need only replicate a few essential lines of the 488’s unimpeachable genetic code to be a triumph – and it does so, immediately and memorably.

Here is what renowned motoring magazine, Top Gear, thinks of the vehicle.

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Year – 2016

Configuration: mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive, 2-passenger, 2-door Spider

Engine: 3.9L V8 twin-turbo

Transmission: 8-speed automatic

Power: 661 BHP – 560 lb-ft of torque

Acceleration: 0-100 km/h (0-60 mph) 3.0 sec

Top speed: 326.697 km/h (203 mph limited)

Daily rental – 4250AED (AUD/USD/EUR/GBP) – Subject to 5% VAT

*Multiple Colours Available*

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Car Equipment

  • + Air conditioning
  • + Alloy wheels
  • + Cruise control
  • + Leather interior
  • + Parking sensors
  • + Xenon

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